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So here we go.

Why this is here.
On Feb 13, 2019 a MRI scan indicated 2 masses about 35mm [golf ball] internal to my liver, of which is synonymous with liver cancer.
To complicate matters, the over scan showed several "nodules" in my lower lungs, which need further diagnosis, as the MRI is indicative of "metastasis" [spreading cancer].
And now the expenses "explode".
My doctor is going to send me to a liver specialist and oncologist.

Since I retired, getting tired so I can "re-tire", I do not have insurance and sufficient funds to "restore" my health.
The initial sonogram [least expensive and included leg vein diagnosis] and the MRI have totalled $1500 as "self pay".

I did not create this idea, it was done several years ago by another person with great success.
Every donor will receive 1 square of 1,000,000 squares [1000 columns x 1000 rows] for every dollar donated.

Privacy will be maintained, and you may supply an identifier, such as First name & Last name initial it is your choice.
I do ask, well really require, that you provided your zip code, or post code for other countries, for the purpose of providing graphical mapping.

Purpose of donation
You donation will be used to cover immediate expenses and when I get Medicare/Medicaid what it does not cover.
I have my retire funding, Social Security until our idiot government trashes it, to continue my living expenses.
There will be a need for additional supplements to assist in my health restoration.
Also so alternative solutions that have been shown to provide relief for cancers.
I do my research and do not spend funds without indications that procedures are viable for health restoration.

Remaining funds
Should the dis-ease win or my health is restored, my "fund me manager" will release the funds to a designated cancer research facility.
As an example, St. Jude hospital for children who have cancer.

Documentation and reporting
My part, until I can no longer update this part of the site, will be to maintain the structure of the donation reporting.

All fund expenses will be tracked and provided here, so you know when the funds are going and how I am progressing to complete health restoration.

A link to the "fund me provider" will be added as soon as my sister gets it established.

Thank you for your support - Trey Pattillo [aka 911mapper]