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A master programmer once said,
"although the program is only three lines long, eventually it will have to be maintained".
-- The Tao of Programming



Yes, I am still here.
Don't do as much as I used to because I retired in Jun 2014 from running 9-1-1.

So I have finally updated MBCoder2008 fixing a few left over issues.

What to do....

  • Download it to a folder of your making.
  • Unzip the file.
  • YOU MUST open the mbcoder.ini file and change all folder reference to what you use
    like where MapBasic is located.
  • The HELP is not done yet but most icons have hint messages and everything works like the old MBCoder and Diabuilder.
  • When the help is done I will repackage the zip file and also provide just the help file here.

Some left over issues....not necessarily mine.
  • When adding a control to a dialog DO NOT just click, MUST hold the mouse and drag to something about the size you want.

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