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These downloads are free for that taking and written by me unless otherwise noted
If it's not mine or I don't have rights to distribute it then it is a link to the owner.
[Please report broken links when you find them ]

All "zip" files created in standard PK-Zip Format
I prefer 7-zip [FREE]   7-Zip

MBCoder This replaced diabuilder and mbcoder in a single application.
Unzip into the folder you want it.
YOU MUST open mbcoder.ini in a good text editor and can change all the directories to yours
especially about where MapBasic is located and any other.
Last Update: 14 Jun 2016 Version: 201610141000
Line Info This tool is a subset of SurLine.
It provides a dialog of just the bearing and distance
of the selected line.
Last Update: 10 May 2015 Version: n/a
Fix Line This is tool for working with "addressed" lines.
Spliting and combining also adjust the address fields
Reverse line direction and set odd/even to proper side
Split by click, node number [- is from end] or distance
Apply addressing ranges
Last Update: 06 Aug 2007 Version: n/a
SurLine v20120725
This is not the same as SUR_LINE [depricated] but is the latest incarnation [was TaxMap] for drawing plat maps.
Designed to lots/parcels from tax plats and entering the data in Surveyor Calls [N 25° 21' 10" E 500ft].
WARNING: works in the current editable layer.
In fact I recommend working from the Cosmetic Layer and then transfering to the map layer as many of the functions will generate lots of deleted lines in the map layer.
It is really just a bunch of other units put into one,
Get DMS/Bearing/Distance, Draw by DMS/Bearing/Distance, buffering, splitting by distance or node number or click.
Watch the status bar for what the tool is doing [also the tool tip]
If you really want to program MapBasic this covers just about everything.
V20071103 even has a dynamic menu to find all *script files* and add them to the menu.

If you experience a error in the program please let me know.
I have tried to fix problems with line cuts and trap "bad math strings" but what you do I may not have tried.
Please give me the start/end points of the line along with what type of cutting [dist/pieces] you were cutting or the math string you typed in an email.
Last Update: 25 Jul 2012 Version: 20120725
Power Sort After putting up with the Sort in TOOLS and Kevin Mahoney's Sort from his CoolTools, I finally had it with only 2 columns available out of 5 that MapInfo supports.
The final straw was I finally figured out why some tables were being change from DBF back to DAT....ta-da....Sort

So on 06 Nov 2007 I wrote Power Sort

What does PowerSort do?
1) full 5 column
2) each column can be set for descending [DESC]
3) change the final table type from NATIVE [DAT] to DBF or DBF>DAT

Some code work shows using Type with an array and with in the type is also an array.
Also since MapInfo and MapBasic do not report the table type DAT/DBF it also shows reading the TAB file to find out if the type is DBF.
The zip file also includes the DiaBuilder2000 files I used to create the dialog. To code is modified from DLG file.

ENJOY -- Trey
Last Update: 06 Nov 2007 Version: 20071106
Reverse Geocode This one has some copywrite attributes to disclose:
I used the base code from Kevin Mahoney's "Cool Tools" circa 1996.
His work was very basic, but provided the complex math to find the nearest perpendicular line to the point and expand and carry this forward.

One notable thing I learned:
ALWAYS change a Line to a Polyline before trying to split or work with it
Also at some point I found that what I was getting back was a reverse image of the line, so the solution was to break and readdress each segment until I found the correct one. If you look in the Mapbasic Section you will find parts of this code in seperate modules.
I use this to issue addresses to cellular towers based on their lon/lat provided by the owner
It is used in my 911 mapping program.
Since MapInfo does a pull back from the end of the line, the calculated address is often +/- 2 to 4 from actual.
The dispatchers approved the location [thumbtack] in the correct lot but the street addressing was like 1012 1016 1020 and the program said 1014 [in between].
This is better than nothing and they said they could figure it when the office got there.
Run the SetUP, pick the Street Table then select points from the cosmetic layer or a table.
If you have Lat/Lon columns [populated] and a "address field" you can actually run then whole table at once.
Update now allows using a line [the center point] along with just a point.
This came about from SurLine as you can use the property curb line to generate the address.
Sorry polylines are a bit complex to get the exact center.
Last Update: 06 Aug 2007 Version: n/a
Cell Tower This MBX allows entering up to the 4 sectors of a cell tower
Drawing is done in the cosmetic layer
Set the Bearing Angle,Distance[miles] and Width [1/2 is CCW and 1/2 is CW]
example Sector #1 >> Angle=0 [north] Width=120 [300 to 60 degrees] Dist=4[miles]
The Brush and Pen are settable for each sector
Also includes its own Reverse Geocoder so after marking a tower you can get an address
Just #1-select a line segment from the Street Table and Set Street
Then #2-select your point and click Reverse Geocode Point
Last Update: 06 Aug 2007 Version: n/a
UltraMsg This is a DLL that provides some real control over your dialogs and presentation.
Works with RTF [rich text file] and RTF Templates so you can use "live data".
Has a version of HTML-View built in.
Also has Splash Screens for your application startup.
Extensive work with strings and numbers
Pass a text string like "(2*3)+5" and get the result], then pass the answer number and get back written numbers like a check
--One Hundred Twenty Five Dollars and Ten Cents--
Work with INI Files
A *BIG ONE* -- Binary XOR [exclusive OR] and other true math operations that are missing in MI and MB, along with financial functions.
This DLL has just about anything you will ever need [except for line art work, see above]
Read the UltraMsg.DOC file for help and all the functions.
If you don't have MS Office then download Open Office it does DOC/XLS/PPT and reads MDB [saves to DBF]
Last Update: 02 Sep 2001 Version: n/a
Multi-Arc Application for doing multiple folders and files archiving and unarchiving in one operation - VERY POWERFUL.   Formats supported PK-Zip, GZ, TAR, GZ/TAR, RAR, LHA, CAB [others upon request including SFX-self extracting].  Written in Delphi [as usual] so there is no baggage, except that RAR and CAB are not supported in the archive engine and therefore have a small dll for each [dang it...but not my fault].
Last Update: 15 May 2000 Version: 100.05.15b
Move Map Allows moving a map that just won't align to existing maps.
Some say that you should maintain the integrity of the creators map.......
then it's up to you PLAY WITH PROJECTIONS or MOVE IT ! !
Use mouse clicks or direct L/L entry.
Raster and reference layers can also be loaded.
Last Update: 24 Mar 2000 Version: n/a
Move Raster Lets you move a raster so that it aligns with your existing map.
Use mouse clicks or direct L/L entry.
Reference layers can also be loaded.
Last Update: 24 Mar 2000 Version: n/a
Show DMS Delphi 5 app that loads a "stay-on-to" window showing a replication of the MI status bar but allows display in DD.dddd or DD or DD MM 
Also has a Bearing/Dist mode with dms choices.
Can display as "high" or "wide" where high is about the height of a MI docked toolbar and wide is near the height/width of the status bar.
Remembers last settings on start up.
Great for pre-5.x users who don't have DMS....
COOL TOOL for anyone ! !
Last Update: 24 Mar 2000 Version: n/a
Split Poly Split polylines by node number or mouse click.
Last Update: 27 Jun 1999 Version: n/a
PermaTIC Displays "text tic" marks on the left/top of a map window that track the current map window.
Customizable for number of tics, text font, and
D.dddd or DD or DD MM
This is a mbx and just the start, eventually I may take it to a DLL.
Uses WinAPI to read the INI settings file [see WinAPI]
Last Update: 27 Jun 1999 Version: d9.06.27
Make Points Converts any file to a new file of nothing but points [almost] text won't work and RoundRect is just the bounding box....sorry but that's how MapInfo converts the objects.
Created from a request on the MapInfo-L Mailing List
Strange most folks want points into something else...
Last Update: 09 Dec 1998 Version: none
OLE Automation
Delphi 4
This zip contains full source for use Delphi as an OLE Automation Server.  I created from a request on the MapInfo-L Mailing List and to show how to accomplish this method.  The last examples I had, MI4.5, said to use a "picture box" which is not correct, at least for Delphi.
Last Update: 25 Jun 1999 Version: none

Delphi 4 Version

VisualBasic 5 Version
These are example programs [with source code] on how to do "call backs" using Delphi 4 and VisualBasic 5.  There is a file named "_HowTo.txt" that explains the steps required to build the call back from scratch.  You can do it the hard way or modify the source code, which ever you're more inclined to do. 
VB5 is a snap, 3 lines of code.
D4 was a bit more difficult, after 7 weeks of surfin' and reworkin' I finally gave birth to this puppy! FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS ! ! !
This is modified from D3 so it should be fully compatable, except that the menu names etc. are a little different and located in different places.
Don't ask for help on D3 I missed D2 & D3 upgrades.
Last Update: 01 Jan 1999 Version: none
& Calling
Creating and Calling DLLS using Delph4
This is the full source for Delphi 4 [may work in 3] to create a DLL
Includes an example MB showing how to call DLLs. 
1) passing strings and numbers in functions and procedures
2) "modal" dialogs [having D4 create a "input dialog"] [MB goes to sleep]
3) "modeless" dialogs which is a "form"
The example uses a memo box with OK & Cancel buttons.
There should be enough info to really get you going with Delphi.
Created from a request on the MapInfo-LMailing List
Last Update: 10 Apr 1999 Version: none
Batch Pack Take a list of files names [drive:\folder\] and "pack'm"
Must be both graphic and data......
Created from a request on the MapInfo-L Mailing List
Last Update: 06 Jan 1999 Version: none
SUR_LINE Depricated as of 30 Nov 2007 [here for archive only please see SurLine] Designed for doing "plat maps" for tax appraisal but has many uses
Use "N 45d 45m 45.45s E 2000ft" or "123.456d 2mi" to draw lines
"Auto Completion" for region objects [saved to a region file]
Written in Delphi so NO M$ Bloatware to muck up your system.
Last Update: 02 May 1999 Version: d9.05.02
Launch APP This is an example of how to have MapInfo launch an application with  any commands that you wish.  It is a PK-Zip file that includes the source MB, compiled MBX, example Table [] and needed stuff.   Examples include opening a BitMap [globe[1].bmp] with MS-Paint, a text file [] with Notepad, and using M$ Internet Exploder to connect to this web site.
Last Update: 26 Sep 1999 Version: n/a
HTML View allows you launch a "basic" brower from your application.
Written in Delphi so there's no baggage - just call it.
Works on web [dial-up] or locally stored pages.
Control whether user has a NavBar, can click on links, window Stay-On-Top, top/left/width/height, user can close, remove Win min/max buttons.
Use with Launch App [above] for a really cool user interface.
Last Update: 19 Feb 2000 Version: n/a
SelTrak This app automatically tracks and zooms your selection(s) in the map window.
Really great when digging through a browser
Last Update: 25 Apr 2000 Version: n/a
Point 2 Polygon Using an INI file specifiy the "text" file containing points, output table, to create a region from the polyline, whether the data is column-wise [ all points on one line ] or line-wise [ each line is a point with a "delimiter" signaling the end ]
Last Update: 02 May 2000 Version: n/a
Fix WOR Delphi5 app to scan drive/folders and do a search and replace on any WOR files that are found.  The list box "checks" the files that were changed.  Manual changes can be made and saved or a new s/r done on a selected file.
Last Update: 03 May 2000 Version: n/a
©1998-2009 Trey Pattillo WAP3
All rights reserved
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