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A master programmer once said,
"Although the program is only three lines long, eventually it will have to be maintained".
-- The Tao of Programming
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Update: 14 Oct 2016

Finally got MBCoder2008 up and ready. It combines what Diabuilder and MBcoder did as separate programs.
Check the menu nav at the left.


Previously at

The latest addition to my bag-of-apps is finally ready.

MapBasic Windows Extended [ aka MBWinEX ]

Here's the low down:
  • does not clutter up the window with everything MapInfo does [stays clean]
  • ENTER Key actually does an new line
  • allows better control of what to run [current line, selected lines, entire page]
    including system global hotkeys [MBWinEX does not need to be the active window]
  • handles VBScript for more robust processing [4th run method and hotkeys]
  • key/value for constant and variable definitions and values for both VBS and MBW
  • automatically provides DIM/UNDIM in the key/value tables to the compiled code
    scans your code for DIM and adds them to the compiled code as needed including UNDIM
    dim statements in your MBW code are tracked and automatically issue UNDIM at the end of Page Run [Run All]
  • Live help context using Shft+Right-Click or the View Menu and will insert the first item with Ctrl+Space or clicking an item
  • syntax highlighting with user modifications [current to MB v6.0 may be missing later information -- that is all I have to work with]
  • Bracket matching for ending ( [ { using CTRL+> OR matching open for ) ] } using CTRL+< by placing cursor either in front or behind
    Nesting may have issues in complex nests and may find the first one
  • use GOTO in Selection and Page modes. example:

        FETCH First FROM MyTable
        IF MyTable.Col1 <> SomeValue THEN goto GetNext
        UPDATE MyTable SET Col = NewValue
        FETCH Next FROM MyTable
        IF EOT(MyTable) THEN goto Done
        goto Loop

    Now you can actually walk down your data with FETCH Next FROM Table.
  • Inspect(variable) works from MBWinEX to show a variable value and pause the program until you press OK - debugging tool.
    ShowMsg(text) pauses the program and displays a message.
    These are recommended instead of NOTE and PRINT as they may stay hidden from view until switching back to MapInfo.

  • Did I forget to mention -- IT IS FREE ! [just unzip and make a shortcut to the exe]

    Current version [Help > About] is 2013.03.26.1930

    So what are you waiting for [download zip file].......Go and Grab MBWinEX

    You can also just take a look at the manual [chm format].....Read the Manual

    You can also just take a look at the change log.....Read the Change Log

    Here are few screen shots [nothing fancy use the back button to return here].....Take a look

Well, after several years of not really maintaining the site, it's time for a face lift.

Since Oct 2005 I have been fully on SimplyMEPIS Linux [Link] so this undertaking has been a real experience, creating it with a combination of KWrite, Quanta and FireFox.
OK, I still have the Windohze box, for full fledged MapInfo work, but I have had to use it only a few times.
How is MapInfo on Linux, you might ask.
Well keep that 'dohze box available, as all that exists currently is basically in the realm of hacks.

I did purchase Win4Lin Pro [Link] and I have not had the time figure out if the jerky mouse is just a tweek or if it is inherent, but it does make MI pretty useless except for simple database work, in other words you can forget major artwork.
Dang it, I checked the link and now Version 2.5 is out....[looks around for credit card....]

So Plan B, use TightVNC [Link] on 'dohze and run MI from there across the network
[100mip now - Wireless Router with 1000mip is still a bit pricey].
Ok it works better on the mouse side but it's like working on an old 486-66 32meg, but it is useable.

I have not tried CrossOver Office [Link] [commercial competitor to WINE a free install in Linux distribution] but they specialize in making MS Office work.
Since WINE fails miserable, probably in the graphics/video area, I feel that this will too.

Enough of Linux, but you can read more in the Secure PC Section.....when I get written.

PLEASE, Please read the Legal Section before you download or copy anything on this site.
I take that you have and agree to terms.

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