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A master programmer once said,
"although the program is only three lines long, eventually it will have to be maintained".
-- The Tao of Programming
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Just what of the few hundred froms of "free" [GPL - General Public License] to a full blow "proprietary" type licenses does one use?

Well, I'm going with something in the middle....The WAP3 License. Parts of each one of them.

The MapBasic Section, including the downloadable associated text files and copying the page.
  • You may copy, use and distribute the code.
  • The code is for example use and may not be suitable for your use.
  • If you enhance the code or fix issues please send me what you did so it can be shared with all.

The Download Section.
  • If you received the Source Code.
    • You may copy, use and distribute the code with attribution such as:
      "Parts of the application include code provided by WAP3"
    • The code is not warrantied, expressed or implied, so your own your own.
    • If you enhance code or fix issues you are required to notify me.
  • If you DID NOT receive the Source Code.
    • You may not redistribute the application in whole or in part.
    • You may link to this site, or the specific location, so your users/customers may download the file.
    • You may not reverse engineer the application.

Geeze....my head is about to assplode just thinking about this.
So, let's make it easy......
If you have been naughty and not playing nice, then you don't have to worry about Santa Claus not coming to see you this year, or my lawyer knocking on your door, it will be much less expensive on my part to just have Guido and his "baseball bat" come pay your kneecaps a visit and learn you some manners.....

Otherwise all litigation will be at the local, state or federal court [yes, we have all three] in Corpus Christi, Nueces County, Texas, USA.

I feel better now, so back to coding and finishing the site.

©1998-2009 Trey Pattillo
All rights reserved

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